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Little baby Aiden is a ball of energy! It is so fun to be able to do photo shoots with new families. However, this family is not new to me. I literally grew up with the Dad of Aiden. We were friends since I was about 5. I feel so lucky to keep in contact with friends as we all grow older and busier. But I feel that true friends can pick up right were they left off, such as the case with Nick and Erin. I love you guys and wish you all the best in the future! Thanks again for hiring me to do your son’s photos and I can’t wait for the next one!

I should really be packing for my wedding in Bar Harbor, Maine this weekend but I just couldn’t resist from editing this session I did tonight. It was amazing! First I want to give out a big thanks to the University Club in St. Paul for letting us use their property. It is seriously one of the greatest venues in St. Paul/Minneapolis. The awesome hair and make-up was done by the very talented Mariahs Beauty Marks. To be honest, this was one of this first shoots I have done for a long time to just have fun and let loose. I learned a lot and I am going use everything I took away from tonight and use it for every shoot I do from here on out. Thanks again to everyone involved!

Brian had initially hired me to shoot his proposal to his now wife, Laura. It was last spring and we had set it up at Harriet Island. It was cold and super windy. I was waiting on a bridge for about 45 minutes, freezing, waiting for them to arrive. Finally they pulled up just as a park ranger was asking me what I was doing there…with cameras…

Anyways, fast forward to their wedding. It was great, I had so much fun meeting all of their friends and family. They did a great job planning everything and had some amazing venues. Here are a few of the photos from their special day.