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Photographing as many people that I have, I’ve realized that it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world to have a person that they have only met a few times, and then go out and shoot an engagement session with. Throughout the whole process, I feel like we build a relationship, but you have to start somewhere. There is normally a bit of a warm up period between me and my clients while shooting. Its just part of the process, and I love that! I have to warm up to my clients and they have to warm up to me. It’s not a bad thing, but a normal thing. Well, I was proven wrong in this case. Bob wasn’t able to make it to our first meeting. That certainly didn’t stop them from being totally themselves during the shoot! It was so much fun and we had an amazing day in downtown Stillwater.

Being a wedding photographer, I really never get to go to a wedding as a guest. Which I don’t mind, if my friends think I am good enough to capture their fabulous day, then great, I’m happy to do it. However, its a different story when you own little sister wants me to be IN her wedding. Of course I couldn’t pass this up. I was honored to be chosen as part of my sisters wedding. I referred her to my good friend Shaun to capture the moment I could not. He did a great job! But of course I couldn’t help to bring my camera along and capture some great shots. I had a fun time being part of the wedding as well as shooting what I could. These are some of the images that I took away from my beautiful little sisters special day.

I love getting little notes like this, just thought I would share.