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I’ve been looking forward to making this post for such a long time! This wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful, the ceremony took place in Bar Harbor, Maine. It was absolutely gorgeous, everything went so smoothly and we all had a great time. Chris has been my best friend for a long time, so that made this wedding even a little bit more special. Serene did such a great job planning everything and paid great attention to detail. They had the reception back here on the shores of Forest Lake, which turned out to be another beautiful event. I just had a complete blast working with the two of you, thank you for allowing me to capture memories for you to enjoy.

One of the things I love about my clients is that a wedding is usually only the start of my relationship with them. I feel lucky in the fact that by the time I am done shooting their wedding and the whole process of working with them from start to finish, I really feel like we are great friends. Actually I take that back, I really don’t feel like there is ever a finish to our relationship. most of the time, the couple will contact me to shoot their “new” addition. Which is normally a baby. Not in this case! Carly wanted me to shoot their “baby” which is a bulldog. It was so FUN!!!! This dog is everything you would think a bulldog would be. It drooled, snorted and ran. I’ll admit, it was a lot of work but so fun! The bad part? Now I want one : )

This blog post is a little but overdue but I really wanted to share this one with you all. Briana and Brett were so great to work with, just the most laid back couple ever! It was a bit rainy that day but it cleared up perfectly while we made our way to Harriet Island in St. Paul for some seriously fun formals. Thank you both for letting me be a part of your awesome wedding!