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Usually by the time that I am I get to the point of shooting the engagement session, I’ve gotten to know my clients pretty well. In the case, it is no exception. Chris has been one of my greatest friends for the past decade. We have worked together, lived together and traveled together. His work ethic is unlike anyone I have ever seen. I don’t think he really like having free time : ) But his hard work and dedication has paid off by having a highly successful company called Deuth Property Management. He comes from one of the nicest and caring families that I’ve ever met. A couple of years ago, he met Serene. I remember anxiously waiting to call him the next morning to see how is first date went with her. I almost dropped the phone when he said he slept through it! If you know Chris, then you know he has a bit of a problem staying awake….past 8…pm….Once we finally all ended up going out, I could tell that she was awesome. Serene is a biology teacher in Rosemount,and also the dance line coach too. She is so good at it she took her team to state this past year! Sometimes you can find her waitressing or tending bar up her families restaurant, Fabulous Ferns. If you are looking for some great food and an awesome atmosphere to just hang out in head up there. better yet, give me a call and we’ll both head up there!

You could really tell by the way they interacted that they were very interested in each other. Chris proposed to her on the beautiful coast of Maine. That is also were they are having there wedding in June. We are all so excited to go have some fun on the East coast. Congratulations Chris and Serene!

I had the pleasure of shooting Michelle’s brother’s wedding a couple of years ago. Not long after that I was contacted by Michelle asking me to shoot her wedding. I was happy to do so but she booked me almost two year before her actual wedding date! That was a big compliment as far as I was concerned! Well, the day finally came and it was fantastic. Her and Grant are the perfect couple. They had a very light hearted and comical sense of each other. Both of them were very laid back and very fun to work with. Both Michelle’s brother and his wife were a part of the wedding party. The funny thing is that Michelle’s sister-in-law was literally due with her baby on THE DAY OF the wedding! WOW! Well, she made it through the day without having the new baby but it was great to see them again. Anyways, Grant and Michelle, it was great to finally work with you two and you did a great job. Thanks for letting me be apart of your special day!


One of the many things I love about being a photographer is the chance to find and explore new locations and venues that I otherwise would probably never know. This was the case while photographing Sarah and Nathan’s wedding. I’ve known Sarah’s family since I was a little kid. I used to cut grass at her house when I was about 10! It was a huge yard but mostly flat, so that was a good thing : ) Her and Nathan got married in a charming little town called Lansboro in southern Minnesota. It is the biking mecca of MN. This town was straight out of a fairly tail! I rolled through there at about 7 AM while getting to the church. The thing I loved most about it is that there wasn’t a single “brand” named store to be found. I would have thought that a Starbucks or Caribou coffee would have certainly infiltrated a place like that but there was nothing but mom & pop shops, it was beautiful. The time of the year couldn’t be more perfect, a beautiful fall afternoon with nice crisp cool air. They were so great to work with and very easy going. They both tend an organic farm in Iowa and all of the food catered for their wedding was grown on their farm. It was delicious and it was a very refreshing idea. Thanks so much Sarah and Nathan for allowing me to be a part of your gorgeous day.