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The Gross’s {FAMILY}

This family session has been in the making for the last 22 years. Sound strange? Let me explain. I grew up in West St. Paul. About 4 doors down from my parents house lived the Gross family. When I was about 8 I became best friends with a kid named Nick. We were literally inseparable. I would walk down there or vice versa and we would “play” all day. It was so awesome. Then his family moved about a mile away. I was sad, however, I could ride a bike like nobody’s business. So it really wasn’t a problem at all. The best part? His new house had a POOL! That was awesome. Our families became very close over the years and continue to be. So many of my childhood memories involve him and his family. I’ve even been lucky enough to photograph Nick and his beautiful wife Erin’s son, baby Aiden. Nick and his whole family have always been very close to my heart and I am so happy to call each and everyone of them as part of my own family. I love you all!